When are the events?

1st Series - Penguin Surf Life Saving Club - 15th of Dec @ 5pm to 7pm

2nd Series - Burnie Life Saving Surf Club - January 11th - Twilight

3rd (Final) Series - Burnie Life Saving Surf Club - 2nd February 2019

What are the age groups?

  • U10-11

  • U12-13

  • U14-15

  • U17 & older (with and without skis)

    Male and Female Combined

What is the expectation of the competitors

Competitors need to be able to swim min of 250m and be able to use a nipper, hard or Malibu board.

Preferred to be deemed proficient by a surf life saving club.

Will there be water safety present?

Yes, there will be plenty of water safety present as well as a patrolled beach support

Organizers will complete a full risk assessment on the day to determine that the conditions are safe to start the event.

How long will it take?

We estimate approx 1-5-2hrs for the Ironman event to be completed.

There will be approx. 60 mins gap before the Ocean Swim begins

Presentations approx 30mins after the Ocean Swim

Why is there only One Ocean Swim event?

Yes, we tried to arrange an ocean swim at each event but we could not get the logistics and suitable dates to work out, sorry.

How can I become involved as a sponsor or support on the beach

We’d love for you to be involved as a sponsor or support on the beach. Please messenger us via Facebook or Instagram to get in touch.